Managing vast amounts of law enforcement video

Lindsay James
Lindsay James
By Lindsay James on 16 October 2015
 Managing vast amounts of law enforcement video

An increasing number of government agencies are using video footage as evidence. Take the Memphis Police Department (MPD), for example. The organisation is moving to data driven policing by capturing video and rich meta data to allow MPD to make immediate and long-term decisions to improve public safety. So when it decided to equip its 900-vehicle fleet with in-car video cameras, it chose the Getac Veretos In-Car Video Management System with the Getac Zero Dark Camera integrated with the Getac Veretos Cloud, a highly secure and massively scalable evidence management system built on the Microsoft Azure Government cloud platform.

As Tom Guzik, President of IRSA Video (Getac Veretos software) said: “Our partnership with Microsoft offers our customers the Veretos Cloud evidence management solution using Azure Government Cloud to manage secure data services at an affordable price. The two products together provide customers the ability to collect and handle large amounts of storage without the hidden cost and burden of housing the data onsite.”

Over time, the amount of in-car video footage collected by the MPD is expected to add up to more than a petabyte of data. By basing its evidence management system on Getac Veretos, operating on the Microsoft Azure Government platform, the police department has a highly scalable and cost-effective way of managing and storing this vast amount of video and meta data. MPD can access its data in a secure environment without adding internal infrastructure and hidden costs and at the same time scale in an elastic infrastructure such as Azure Government Cloud. The system allows for real time technology logs, reports and diagnostic tools.

For its part, Getac built its cloud-based evidence management solution on the Microsoft Azure Government platform for several reasons. First, the SQL Database offers a relational database-as-a-service that Getac customers can use to quickly scale performance up (100’s of millions of data points) and down as their needs change, while obtaining enterprise-level availability, reliability, and data protection features.

Microsoft Azure Government also provides reliable and economical cloud storage that allows Getac customers to store petabytes of video information, a proposition that would be cost prohibitive for many law enforcement agencies to achieve on-premises.

Particularly important to Getac customers is Microsoft’s rigorous approach to compliance with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy, in which it has contractually committed itself to meeting CJIS agreements for federal, state, and local governments.

What’s more, the Microsoft Azure Government platform supports a large and growing number of open-source applications, frameworks, and languages, giving Getac customers a wide range of choices for the products they use.

As the partnership with Getac demonstrates, the Microsoft Azure Government cloud platform is a great place to store and manage the rapidly growing amount of law enforcement evidence.

Increasingly, government customers like MPD are turning to Microsoft Azure Government to meet their mission-critical needs.

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