2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winner: Triple C Cloud Computing

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 11 June 2014
2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winner: Triple C Cloud Computing

Israeli hosting service provider Triple C Cloud Computing has been named the Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year.

Part of the Microsoft Cloud Operating System Network and a Gold Hosting and Server Platform partner, Triple C has been recognised for its Windows Azure Pack solution deployment and launch of the Microsoft Cloud Platform this year.

Triple C’s CEO Ramy Nehum (pictured) spoke to OnWindows about the work his company is doing.

Tell me a little bit about your company and what you do.

Triple C provides computing solutions on four main channels:

1. Private and business internet service provider

2. Private and public cloud computing services

3. Hosting, disaster recovery and business continuity services

4. Integration services for computing solutions.

We have one of the most advanced data centres in Israel, which provides a range of services, such as internet, cloud computing, hosting services, disaster recovery and business continuity planning. We were actually the first company to offer public cloud computing solutions in Israel. We have provided computing solutions for over 25 years now and continue to provide solutions and products from a variety of companies, including Microsoft.

Congratulations on winning the award. What does this accolade mean to your company?

For the past six months, since we have been chosen as one of only 20 global partners for the new Microsoft Cloud OS Network, we have been taking this partnership ahead and launched Windows Azure Pack. We are very pleased to see our friends within Microsoft acknowledge the hard work that was put in this project and this certainly gives us the push we need to breakthrough with all of Microsoft products, not only in Israel, but all over the world.

What competencies did you have to demonstrate to be a contender?

We served two competencies in order to be a contender

1. Hosting – Windows Azure Pack Cloud OS Network – Hosting Project

2. Management and Virtualization – Windows Azure Pack Cloud OS Network

We approached this project along with Team Netcom, a group that is part of Malam Team, the leading integration company in Israel, according to STKI. Team Netcom implemented Azure Pack on Triple C’s cloud environment.

As well as the Hosting competency that we have won, we are also pleased to say we have won the Country Partner of the Year Award – Windows Azure Pack Cloud OS Network in Israel.

How are you applying these competencies to help your customers solve their business challenges?

When it comes to customers’ business challenges, we have several solutions. We can complete the customer’s environment with Microsoft products and enrich management tools using wireless application protocol tools. We also offer the opportunity to have backups on Microsoft facilities and it goes without saying that our Tenant Portal is intuitive, extremely easy to use and covers all the necessary functionalities for the customer. With the Azure Pack, we have a complete and unique technological solution that provides services from our own facility, as well as the ability to combine services from the Microsoft facility in Ireland. Given the variety of advantages, combined with the new Azure Pack services, the choice is clear.

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