5G offers opportunities for telecom and industrial firms, says Capgemini

5G offers opportunities for telecom and industrial firms, says Capgemini

A recent study by Capgemini, 5G in industrial operations: How telcos and industrial companies stand to benefit, has found that 5G offers exciting opportunities for telecom and industrial firms, but they will need to work together to reach the technology’s full potential. 

Successful use of 5G promises improvements from the shop floor to supply chain and product management, using real-time edge computing analytics and video surveillance of remote production lines. It will support the reliable, secure and real-time transmission of data. 

Capgemini’s report found that there is considerable interest in 5G and the features it offers, with two thirds of industrial companies wanting to implement it within two years of its availability. However, telecom operators believe that it will take at least three years to roll out all features that hold rich potential for enterprise applications, such as quality of service and network slicing. 

As a result of this slow progress and increasing impatience, a third of industrial companies are considering applying for their own private licenses, despite not all countries offering the right regulatory environment to make this is possible. 

According to the study, telcos and industrial companies need to collaborate to create a mutually beneficial business model by understanding connectivity pain points in industrial operations and adjusting the priorities of 5G network and services' rollout.

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