Altaro Software releases sixth iteration of its VM backup software

Lindsay James
Lindsay James
By Lindsay James on 09 September 2015
Altaro Software releases sixth iteration of its VM backup software

Altaro Software has released the next major version of its backup application. Previously known as Altaro Hyper-V Backup, the product has now been rebranded simply as Altaro VM Backup to reflect some of the new capabilities of the application. While Altaro VM Backup version 6 continues the trend of providing best of breed backup capabilities to the Microsoft Hyper-V platform, support for VMware based workloads have also been added in version 6, hence the slight change of name.

From a capabilities standpoint, Altaro VM backup continues Altaro Software’s focus on ease of use in that backups can quite literally be configured in just a couple of clicks and management tasks are quick and painless as well. The product provides easy full-VM restores and the ability to conduct granular file and Microsoft Exchange item level restores as well, because let’s face it, no one wants to restore an entire virtualised workload just to retrieve a single file or email, so this certainly is a welcome feature. Additionally, Altaro VM backup provides a number of other advanced features such as offsite backups with WAN acceleration, in-application chat support, and full sandbox verification features to make sure that your backups are always working order.

When protecting Hyper-V based workloads, one of the nice features of the application is its cluster awareness. Altaro VM Backup fully supports protecting workloads on standalone Hyper-V hosts as well as on multi-host failover clusters. As the software is designed to backup clustered workloads, it also means it’s fully capable of protecting VMs that reside on cluster shared volumes (or CSVs). The VMs can move from host to host within the cluster as needed and they continue to be backed up as usual, just as one would expect from a top tier backup application.

With all the flexibility provided by Altaro VM Backup and its ability to protect standalone hosts and clusters, one might think it could become difficult to manage. That’s not the case with this application.  All management can be done from a remote machine via a single pane of glass. This greatly simplifies the day-to-day operations, so you can get back to focusing on the business and not worrying about whether your backup jobs are in a working state or not.

The sandbox verification features mentioned earlier, while not new in this release, are a widely popular feature. All too often it seems that system administrators are so worried about getting their production workloads backed up, that they sometimes forget to actually conduct test restores in a timely manner to make sure the business could recover from a failure should the need arise. Altaro VM Backup makes this process simple and testing can even be scheduled if needed. An e-mail alert can be configured to notify the backup administrator should anything requiring your attention come to light. So, for those of us with bad memories that need to be notified when something goes awry, this is a helpful feature.

When things don’t seem to be functioning correctly and you need a little extra assistance, Altaro’s world class support is only a few clicks away. Most issues can be remediated in a relatively short amount of time. Excellent support is very much a focus at Altaro Software.

What’s more, Altaro VM Backup does not price the solution based on core or socket count. The cost of the application is based on the number of physical virtualisation hosts to be protected. Altaro is based on server licensing and thus does not hinder customers in having a more powerful server that has more CPU sockets than usual. A four CPU host will cost the same as a one CPU host. Altaro VM Backup comes in 2 paid versions; the Standard edition allows to back up 5 VMs per host and the Unlimited edition has unlimited VMs per host. Altaro also has a free version, for 2 VMs forever.

For anyone interested in learning more about Altaro VM Backup, simply click here and you’ll be directed towards the 30 day full featured trial. You can test the application yourself for up to 30 days with no restrictions. After that the solution is free for up to two virtual machines forever. Try it out and see what Altaro VM Backup can do to protect your business and your data today.

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