American Red Cross takes advantage of new Dell social analytics solutions

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
By Rebecca Lambert on 21 April 2015
American Red Cross takes advantage of new Dell social analytics solutions

Dell Services has launched new social analytics solutions designed to integrate data from multiple channels and provide a 360-degree view of the consumer.

The services, which combine digital data, existing business rules and predictive analytics, will help businesses and organisations engage audiences to anticipate and predict purchasing and behavioural decisions.

The American Red Cross is one customer already using the new social media services to expand its existing blood donor engagement process. With the solution, the organisation expects to increase its outreach to new and existing blood donors through improved donor identification and targeting via digital channels.

Dell Services is also providing social media consulting to lower the cost of social media care while increasing reach and amplification. 

“Organisations can combine their data from past transactions, such as donations or purchases, along with information gained through real-time consumer engagement, including social, web and mobile posts about the brand, to get a well-rounded understanding of how and when to engage their audiences,” said Raman Sapra, executive director and global head at Dell Digital Business Services. “Through these solutions, our customers have a complete consumer analysis in an actionable dashboard view that helps drive positive business outcomes from their social engagement efforts.”

In addition, as part of its partnership with the American Red Cross, Dell is also using its proprietary social media tools to gather insights and analytics to help drive interest for the American Red Cross digital volunteer programmes and reach a new generation of volunteers and donors.

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