Azure and Power BI helps Boys & Girls Clubs of America gain valuable insights

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 28 August 2015
Azure and Power BI helps Boys & Girls Clubs of America gain valuable insights

Boys & Girls Clubs of America is an organisation based in the US, consisting of a number of local chapters that provide after-school programmes for young people.

The organisation’s chapter in Fort Worth, Texas provides programmes to some 11,000 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and helps them become responsible citizens. 

The organisation wants to know how successful its programmes are proving, and in order to track programme performance, they collect data on factors such as participant attendance, school performance and healthy behaviours. 

Boys & Girls Clubs collects a large amount of information each month and reported the findings in monthly PDF documents. However there was no single comprehensive and actionable view of data that enabled insights into the programme’s impact on individual children. 

“Being able to analyse patterns of participation is extremely important for us to be able to predict how well these kids will do in the future, and whether or not our programmes are working,” said Daphne Stigliano, CEO of the Fort Worth branch of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 

Microsoft Partner MAX451 developed a solution based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Power BI for the organisation.

Thanks to the new solution, Boys & Girls Clubs can now analyse the progress of each child. This helps staff decide what action or interventions may have the greatest effect and benefit. 

Staff can also correlate academic achievement and participation by location. This helps the organisation better predict the outcomes of their programme on individual children.

Thanks to the Power BI solution, staff can analyse and share insights more easily and readily, helping the organisation gain a greater understanding of the difference their work is having on the lives of children in Fort Worth.

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