Babbobox and Infini Videos launch video search engine

Elizabeth Robinson
By Elizabeth Robinson on 26 January 2018
Babbobox and Infini Videos launch video search engine

Search technology firm Babbobox and Infini Videos launched a new video search engine based on Microsoft Azure Services at the Microsoft Tech Summit in Birmingham, UK.

According to the two firms: “Video has proven to be the hardest medium to index because there is so much detail. Aside from the metadata that an editor may have typed in, most archived videos are essentially unstructured data. Often, this is because transcripts are not made and scripts are lost, or there isn’t sufficient timing information to align with the video.”

‘Video Search Engine with Interactive Results’ allows users, such as television broadcasters, to search their video resources and immediately view the results as an interactive video. The system uses Microsoft Azure Services including Video Indexer and Video OCR to extract data from video content.

Users get search results as an interactive video and can then select scenes that are relevant to the search.

Babbobox and Infini Videos say that this will enhance productivity as it will provide users with fine control over topics and sources and allow editors to focus on the direction of their stories.

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