Bentley Systems unveils next generation of project delivery software

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 10 November 2014
Bentley Systems unveils next generation of project delivery software

Bentley Systems has unveiled its next generation of software to help enable comprehensive project delivery at the company’s Year in Infrastructure 2014 Conference.

‘Connect Edition’ follows on from the company’s V8i software generation and supports hybrid computing environments, helping to carry out projects and reach all project participants. 

The new release converges Bentley’s platform technology to support hybrid environments across desktop modeling applications, cloud services, on-premise servers and mobile apps. 

Connect Edition leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud services to help connect all users across projects. 

The Azure cloud services provide Connect Edition users with instant access to computational nodes that help make unprecedented optioneering feasible. This enables better design outcomes and leads to improved asset performance. 

Each user receives a personalised Bentley ‘Playlist’ of applications and apps that are specific to their project role. Also, with a Bentley Connections Passport, users have authenticated access the Bentley’s ProjectWise and AssetWise services and software, which spans users’ hybrid computing environments. 

Also, for each project, CONNECT Edition provides a project-specific Bentley ‘Playbook’, which in keeping with the project’s profile, recommends appropriate applications and apps to meet the necessary requirements and support the user’s role.

“With the CONNECT Edition, we are intrinsically availing cloud-based capabilities throughout the software and services we provide, to advance projects through a new ‘connected user experience’,” said Bhupinder Singh, senior vice president of software, Bentley. “The CONNECT Edition’s cloud services span existing and evolving computing environments, enabling Bentley’s innovations to extend benefits comprehensively beyond our traditional modeling users, throughout the supply chain and to construction. The CONNECT Edition can uniquely advance information mobility with integrity, to and from the right project contributors, anytime and anywhere.” 

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