BIAN announces new release of its industry standard framework

Amber Stokes
Amber Stokes
By Amber Stokes on 09 April 2014
BIAN announces new release of its industry standard framework

The independent not-for-profit organisation BIAN has unveiled a new release of its industry standard framework. Developed by BIAN’s international network of leading banks, banking software developers and service providers, Service Landscape 3.0 is designed to bring the banking industry closer to a standardised banking IT systems landscape.

BIAN has pinpointed a total of 280 unique business capabilities, called Service Domains, and Service Landscape 3.0 identifies how these Service Domains interact in business scenarios. Based on their industry experience, BIAN members, including Microsoft, SAP, UBS, Credit Suisse and IBM, have collaborated to introduce over 100 new business scenarios into its reference structure, including back-office, trade finance and sales.

BIAN aims to enable banks to cut IT infrastructure complexity and integration costs by encouraging banks to rely on a service-oriented architecture that separates pre-defined services into core IT building blocks and identifies the necessary links between them. The aim is to implement this on an industry and world-wide scale to enable banks to develop innovative technology offerings without battling through aging or tangled enterprise architecture and suffering the IT outages to which this can lead.

Based on a single repository in modelling tool MagicDraw, Service Landscape 3.0 provides members access to a complete unified modelling language model of the BIAN Service Landscape. An HTML version is available for non-BIAN members.

Alongside identifying key building blocks of banking functions, BIAN has released how-to guides to accompany Service Landscape 3.0. Aimed at audiences including technical architects, BIAN members and other financial institutions, the guides detail the theory and design practices behind the BIAN Service Landscape, the tools and templates used to capture content and directions for applying the BIAN Standard.

“Today represents a significant landmark for BIAN – with over 100 new business scenarios built into the Service Landscape, the network has drilled down to bank-specific capabilities, which will ultimately support the industry to adopt a standard IT infrastructure model,” said Hans Tesselaar, executive director, BIAN. “Soaring banking technology costs are holding financial institutions back from providing the best possible service to their customers and making updates complex, time-consuming, risky and costly. Implementing the BIAN standard will encourage greater business efficiency across banks, so that they can compete in the areas that really matter – namely providing a great service to customers.”

BIAN is hosting a webinar on Tuesday 15 April 2014. Taking place at 3pm (CEST), the free hour-long demo will explain how banks can embrace BIAN’s Service Landscape.


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