Brown University offers Office 365 through Microsoft Student Advantage

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 23 April 2014
Brown University offers Office 365 through Microsoft Student Advantage

Brown University has selected the Microsoft Office 365 platform for its students and will use the Microsoft Student Advantage benefit programme to extend the service at no additional cost.

Located in Rhode Island, US, the university’s 8,600 students can now complete work on any device while in school thanks to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus using their existing Brown credentials.

Previously, students had to purchase Office independently or rely on third-party programmes. With many students using a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and PCs, Brown required a unified solution to provide students with a robust experience regardless of the device they were using. Thanks to the Microsoft Student Advantage programme, Brown was able to offer Office 365 ProPlus at no additional cost.

“When our chief information officer heard about Student Advantage, he wanted us to make it available to students as quickly as possible, and we were able to extend the service to students in about one month,” said Geoffrey Greene, director of IT Support Services at Brown University. “Students have been champing at the bit for this, and faculty have frequently asked us to help students get the solution, so it’s a great benefit for everyone. Plus, a lot of our students use laptops and other devices, so Office 365 was the perfect solution for us.”

The new offering ensures software is always up to date, and news of the new service was spread around campus through the university’s Daily Herald student blog.

“The Microsoft Student Advantage is an incredible opportunity for all students to gain access to the Office programmes,” said Sazzy Gourley, a student at Brown University. “Especially for incoming first-years, or for those who are purchasing new computers, Microsoft Student Advantage makes accessible the technology students need to be academically successful.”

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