Carvajal empowers global workforce with move to Office 365

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 10 August 2016
Carvajal empowers global workforce with move to Office 365

Carvajal, a solution provider that helps companies outsource business and technology information processes, is reaping the benefits of Office 365 after migrating its global work force to the platform.

Headquartered in Bogota, Colombia, the company has 20,000 employees across a number of divisions in both North and South America. This meant previously it could be difficult for the company to schedule meetings among staff.

The decision was made to standardise the company’s technology environment, with the aim of uniting Carvajal’s global workforce.

“We needed to consolidate all the different communications systems we’d been supporting and establish a more stable email infrastructure that would help us reduce hardware and administration costs,” said Jaime Parra Mutis, corporate IT director at Carvajal. “So we moved from our range of on-premises software to Google Apps.”

However, it was quickly realised that the new system was forcing employees to take extra steps to complete their work due to a lack of integration between Carvajal’s Google solutions and existing Microsoft systems, such as Microsoft Office.

Employees found their formatting didn’t remain consistent, and collaboration attempts were negatively affected.

“We knew we needed to make a change, and in 2015, we chose to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 and completed our migration successfully with help from Microsoft Services Premier Support,” said Mutis.

Following the move, staff have found it easier to share information and collaborate across devices.

“We’re implementing workflow processes in Microsoft SharePoint Online and taking advantage of Office 365 Groups to help us streamline our operations even further,” Mutis said. “And it doesn’t matter whether employees are working from an office or hotel, a smartphone or a traditional computer – they stay productive no matter what.”

A higher number of employees can be involved in company video calls using Skype for Business, and Carvajal is planning to expand its use of the Yammer corporate social network to make it simple for all business divisions to share best practices and comment on projects.

“Our IT staff members are as happy with Office 365 as their colleagues,” Mutis added. “For example, they spend far less time now on hardware and software administration, focusing instead on new projects that support the business. The company also benefits from having more secure data in an environment that complies with important international standards. That’s significant to us because we operate in so many industries in which it’s critical to adhere to regulations, and we count on Microsoft to help keep us protected and compliant.”

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