Cielo Costa webinar: information architecture in SharePoint

23 March 2021; virtual event

Cielo Costa webinar: information architecture in SharePoint

Software provider Cielo Costa will hold a webinar on 23 March 2021 where it will outline information architecture (IA) in Microsoft SharePoint and provide attendees with strategies to store content so that it is quick and easy to find. 

In terms of SharePoint, IA refers to how content and documents are laid out in an intranet system. “A good IA can be the difference between a usable system that is widely adopted by users, and one that struggles to get off the ground,” said Cielo Costa. 

Alex Franklin, senior consultant at Cielo Costa, will speak at the virtual event to help business users understand how SharePoint structures its content and how they can use this to their advantage. He will discuss enterprise content management solutions including containment hierarchy and taxonomy. 

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