Cirkled in harnesses the power of Azure to boost student prospects

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 20 January 2016
Cirkled in harnesses the power of Azure to boost student prospects

A new startup is harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure to help create a record of students’ achievements on a secure online platform.

Based in Seattle, US, Cirkled in allows students to produce a comprehensive profile of their achievements, and then share this information with school admission officers, potential employers or recruiters.

“In today’s competitive world, one accomplishment can make a difference in student’s prospects and chances of success,” said Ritu Gupta, CEO of Cirkled in. “We wanted to provide a service that helps kids and students compete and standout in the new global education system and future job market.”

The service Cirkled in provides has been compared to that of LinkedIn, and offers a holistic view of a student’s professional, personal and academic accomplishments.

“The admissions trend has changed,” said Gupta, “Everything has gone global and is, consequently, more competitive. Admissions officers, recruiters, and employers are looking broader and deeper, searching kids’ online presence like never before. The need to standout has magnified.”

Cirkled in relies on Azure for hosting, storage and security, and the cloud platform’s compatibility with open source software has led to the company leveraging numerous open source technologies, including PHP, MySQL, Ubuntu and Bootstrap.

“I can now monitor from any machine, at any time,” explained the company’s CTO Prashant Shukla. “We weren’t initially sure how well Azure would support Bootstrap, but it has been wonderful. In total, we have had less than an hour of downtime since we started working with Azure.”

Azure’s versatility with internet of things technologies has also benefitted Cirkled in, with the application’s e-mailing service using SendGrid.

“It works perfectly,” said Shukla. “The service is heavily integrated with Azure and we are very reliant on it. It runs smoothly and its preconfigured solutions make everything much simpler.”

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