Cogmotive launches SharePoint Online reporting application

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 19 October 2015
Cogmotive launches SharePoint Online reporting application

Cogmotive has launched a new SharePoint Online application that helps improve security and management for users. 

‘SharePoint Online Reports’ offers detailed information on SharePoint Online, providing IT administrators and managers with greater control of their organisation’s data.

The application provides visibility into SharePoint Online usage and settings. Permissions visibility makes it easier to identify potential security vulnerabilities and allows IT administrators to ensure the correct parties are viewing sensitive documents. 

The new application also allows administrators to identify areas for potential cost savings by providing storage visibility within the SharePoint Online.

“As storage is charged by the gigabyte it is crucial that IT managers and systems administrators have a full view of where their quota is being consumed,” said Alan Byrne, director and co-founder of Cogmotive. “Our tool provides this visibility, as well as helping to identify potentially stale content to free up storage space and avoid runaway costs.”

SharePoint Online Reports is available as a stand alone product or integrated with Cogmotive’s Office 365 Reports range.

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