Conexlink releases new Azure remote applications solution

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 05 September 2016
Conexlink releases new Azure remote applications solution

Conexlink is releasing a new solution for remote applications in Microsoft Azure to replace the soon-to-be-retired Azure RemoteApp.

The cloud software development company has developed the MyCloudIT solution, which simplifies the provisioning of remote applications and remote desktops in Azure while providing flexibility in the delivery, management and monitoring of customer deployments.

MyCloudIT uses Microsoft Remote Desktop Services on an infrastructure as a service model. Partners have an automated platform to deliver remote applications in Azure, with no minimum requirement.

The solution can be used by companies of any size, and by transitioning their business to the cloud, teams can access legacy and line-of-business applications on any device.

“We’re excited to bring remote applications to anyone who needs it, regardless of the company size or the number of users,” said James Riley, CEO at Conexlink. “Small businesses are now able to increase their efficiency and savings via MyCloudIT instead of paying for expensive on-premises hardware.”

The MyCloudIT platform allows partners to fully control their deployments thanks to easy-to-use management features. Applications can be deployed by admin users from the MyCloudIT marketplace, while application and user collections allow organisations to control team access to a specific set of applications.

“There is no need to hire an engineer that’s an Azure expert when you have MyCloudIT,” according to Bruce Mizell, CEO and president at Global-EN. “You simply point and click, point and click, point and click – and you have a Windows deployment built in Azure.”

More information on MyCloudIT can be found here.

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