DawaiLelo Lifecare harnesses Azure to deliver healthcare to citizens

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 20 April 2016
DawaiLelo Lifecare harnesses Azure to deliver healthcare to citizens

DawaiLelo Lifecare is helping to deliver safe and affordable medical consultation and treatment to citizens in India thanks to an online doctor and prescription delivery service. 

Based in the city of Varanasi, DawaiLelo provides doctor consultation, medication prescription delivery, and lab services to people from the comfort of their own home. 

“In many parts of India, the availability of accessible and affordable healthcare is a big problem,” said Aditya Agrawal, DawaiLelo’s CEO. “We want to not only protect and maintain the health of our customers, we want to help improve the healthcare system throughout India.”

Harnessing the Microsoft Azure platform, DawaiLelo delivers a mobile application service to customers, who can then access to doctor’s information, receive medical consultation, and arrange for medication to be delivered. Users can also easily access information via online and phone services. 

Azure host’s the company’s main server, with DawaiLelo’s website and backend technologies also leveraging the Microsoft cloud platform.

“We are hosting our website and backend technologies on Azure and managing our technical end has become very easy,” said Agrawal. “Azure’s flexible platform has helped us to deploy any framework with no restrictions.” 

Additionally, DawaiLelo is leveraging Virtual Machines in conjunction with the Azure server. This delivers an advanced computing platform that delivers information quickly and cheaply. 

“We have also developed an Android app, using Android Studio and Virtual Machines on Windows,” added Agrawal. “Microsoft tools have helped us to develop a user friendly app, quickly and reliably.” 

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