Dell and UNIDO boost e-waste management in developing countries

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 01 October 2014
Dell and UNIDO boost e-waste management in developing countries

Dell has signed an agreement with The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to help identify and implement a sustainable solution model for e-waste management in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Developing countries are expected to account for the majority of discarded electronics by 2016, and twice that of developed regions by 2030. The agreement has the aim of creating awareness, building capacity and engaging in knowledge sharing and policy advocacy across the field of sustainable e-waste management.

Dell will work with UNIDO to support the creation of an operational and economically viable collection network, as well as helping with the dismantling and recycling of facilities, to help process e-waste in developing countries in a safe and environmentally sound way.

The deal also aims to support the development of local recycling infrastructure, boosting the industrial development of involved countries and creating sustainable, green economies.

“Rudimentary recycling methods and the lack of a policy framework for e-waste management in developing countries pose a high risk to public health and the environment,” said UNIDO’s LI Yong. “UNIDO and Dell will cooperate to support developing countries to formulate e-waste related regulations and policies to ensure a long-term success of their activities related to e-waste.

“One major part of an efficient e-waste management system is an effective collection scheme,” Li added. “For this, different aspects need to be taken into account, including financing, infrastructure and logistics. UNIDO and Dell are joining forces to design the most suitable collection strategies in developing countries and implement these in pilot countries.”

Dell’s executive director of Sustainability David Lear commented: “Enabling recycling infrastructure in developing countries has significant benefits for the environment and local community. And facilitates Dell with the recovery of valuable resources currently being discarded. Together with UNIDO we will work to establish or up-scale facilities to operate environmentally sound management practices that meet international standards for e-waste recycling and further powers the circular economy for IT.”

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