Dell helps Visbuzz deliver video communication to the elderly

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 10 September 2014
Dell helps Visbuzz deliver video communication to the elderly

Visbuzz, a UK-based software-as-a-service start-up, has selected Dell to deliver one-touch communication technology to the elderly.

The software will be available through the cloud on Dell Venue 8 Pro tablets and provides a single-function tool connect people quickly and efficiently, from family members and friends to carers.

Visbuzz’s solution runs on the company’s WebRTC technology to provide real-time video communication through the cloud. The system is accessed via the Dell tablet, and presents a single screen with photos of the end-users loved ones. Users can then touch the required photo to make a call.

Visbuzz selected Dell OEM Solutions to deliver its system to a wider customer base. Dell worked to integrate Visbuzz’s offering onto preconfigured Dell Venue 8 Pro tablets – which run on the Windows 8.1 platform – on a set-up and fulfilment model.

“While Visbuzz can run as a standalone system for users to install on their own hardware, we realised that many of our target demographic do not already have their own product,” said Steve McNulty, CEO of Visbuzz. “By offering a complete package with a robust Dell tablet, we’re able to ensure that everyone can benefit from our solution. Dell OEM Solutions is committed to our vision and focused on helping us prepare our service for market as both a supplier and a promoter.”

Visbuzz also provides an option for health professionals to carry out remote consultations, with the first Dell tablets that support Visbuzz being installed by Halton Clinical Commissioning Group and Halton Borough Council in the UK in the homes of some of the most isolated and vulnerable residents in the area. The company also provides teaching to local authority and community groups on how to use Visbuzz effectively in the users’ home.

“Digital exclusion is an increasing problem for those who are not natural adopters of new technology, such as the elderly,” said Dermot O’Connell, executive director and general manager, OEM Solutions at Dell. “Visbuzz is a great way to introduce a new demographic to the benefits of technology without overwhelming them. The customer doesn’t see a new-fangled device that they don’t understand; they see a familiar photo frame that can connect them to their loved ones by simply touching the image.”

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