Dell releases results of first Global Technology Adoption Index

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 05 November 2014
Dell releases results of first Global Technology Adoption Index

Dell has unveiled the findings of its first Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI), which looked into how organisations are using security, cloud, mobility and big data to help drive success.

More than 2,000 global organisations were surveyed as part of the research, which found that security is the biggest concern when it comes to adopting cloud, mobility and big data.

97% of the organisations surveyed currently use or plan to use the cloud and almost half have implemented a mobility strategy. Big data adoption is suffering however from a lack of knowledge within companies when it comes to gaining insights through big data information.

“We know that security, cloud, mobility and big data are the top IT priorities in all industries, but we need a deeper understanding of the practical realities of how companies are using these technologies today and what, if anything, is preventing them from unleashing their full potential,” said Karen Quintos, chief marketing officer, Dell. “This research cuts through the hype and provides a clearer roadmap for how Dell can enable our customers to thrive.” 

The Dell GTAI found that security concerns remain a major barrier when it comes to expanding mobility technologies, using cloud computing and leveraging big data, as is a lack of readily available security information.

The survey also found that 43% of security resources are spent on protecting against hackers and adhering to compliance regulations, while 39% of respondents have a workforce that is fully aware of the organisation’s own security rules.

The findings indicated that the cloud has become somewhat fundamental in the modern business environment, with only 3% of respondents not planning to leverage cloud solutions going forward. Use of the cloud has a strong correlation with company growth according to the findings, with 72% of organisations that utilise the cloud enjoying growth of 6% or more in the last three years.

Increasing mobility within the workforce is also having a series of efficiency and productivity benefits, with 41% of respondents listed efficiency as the biggest mobility benefit, while 32% listed employee productivity.

Developing countries are recording higher adoption rates when it comes to a formal bring-your-own-device policy, with 34% in Latin America and 37% in Asia Pacific compared to 30% in North America and 20% in EMEA. 

The survey did find a lack of knowledge when it comes to big data however, with 61% of respondents saying they had big data that could be analysed, but only 39% understood how to extract value. The survey found that organisations that are effectively driving business insights from big data are seeing significantly higher growth rates compared to those who are not.

“Despite mounting security risks and increased reliance on the Internet and technology to run their businesses, many small and midsize organisations are underprepared to deal with today’s security threats, let alone those of the future,” said Laurie McCabe, partner, SMB Group. “These companies know that disruptive technologies like cloud, mobility and big data can drive innovation and create competitive advantage. But it’s often difficult for them to take a strategic approach and overcome security concerns in order to fully harness the potential.”

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