Dutch prosecution service deploys Windows 8 tablets

Significant improvements in productivity for workers in the field, with faster and more reliable access to information

Amber Stokes
Amber Stokes
By Amber Stokes on 07 February 2014
Dutch prosecution service deploys Windows 8 tablets

The Dutch Public Prosecution Service (DPPS) has deployed Windows 8 tablets across its 20 offices in the Netherlands.

Spending much of their time out in the field – attending crime scenes, meeting colleagues and police officers and presenting cases at court – many of DPPS’ nearly 800 DPPS prosecutors used to use portable computers with a virtualisation solution running legacy Windows operating systems. Due to security concerns, it was prohibited to store data on mobile devices, meaning that completing work required access to a slow internet connection.

To help increase productivity both offline and out of the office and improve mobility for a more intuitive experience, DPPS tested Windows 8 Enterprise on tablets and realised significant improvements.

Netherlands-based Microsoft partner Sparked created three touch-enabled Windows 8 applications for the tablet that connect to data stored on the DPPS SharePoint-based intranet and an Oracle database.

“With Windows 8 running on Windows 8-certified hardware, we can securely start up the operating system with the Trusted Boot feature and protect our data using BitLocker drive encryption technology,” said Dr Edwin MacGillavry, deputy director, Bureau of Criminal Law Studies, DPPS.

DPPS experienced faster and more reliable access to information, more efficient knowledge management, and increased cost savings in hardware acquisition and maintenance.

Public prosecutors can now quickly access files anytime, anywhere. Files that used to take several minutes or hours to pull from DPPS servers can now be accessed in about 15 seconds via the Windows 8 tablet. In court, prosecutors can quickly access case notes and precedents instead of thumbing through binders of printed material.

The Case File Viewer allows easy multitasking by scrolling through the day’s cases one side of the screen and opening files pertaining to each one on the other.

Prosecutors can access local and remote data and work productively regardless of connectivity and location, with Windows 8 touch-enabled tablets that offer an intuitive, interactive computing experience preferred by the public prosecutors for the perfect combination of high-level security and manageability with a great user experience.

Andrew Hawkins, managing director, Public Safety and Justice, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft wrote in a recent blog post about the implementation: “With each new innovation, we move closer to the virtual judicial environment that allows improved field productivity in a mobile world. Instead of front office and back office siloes, agencies can access a common operational picture and communicate in real time, across organisations, for improved operations no matter where the agent. And as mobile devices become even more integrated into our personal and professional lives, we look forward to seeing how tablets, phones and apps continue to evolve for better public safety and justice around the world.”

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