Barracuda adds new tools to its Total Email Protection solution

Barracuda adds new tools to its Total Email Protection solution

With Forensics and Incident Response, users can more efficiently find and investigate targeted email attacks

Richard Humphreys |

Barracuda, the provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, has added Forensics and Incident Response tools to its Total Email Protection solution. As a result, users can more efficiently find, investigate and remedy targeted email attacks.

“Attackers often attempt to bypass traditional email security measures by using social engineering tactics – emails that contain no malicious code, attachments, or links, or accounts – or by trying to reuse credentials stolen in an outside data breach or compromised through another threat vector,” says a Barracuda press release. “When an attack like this does slip through an organisation’s defenses, administrators need to respond quickly.

“With Forensics and Incident Response, when users report a targeted attack, administrators can investigate the attack, find all the affected users, remove malicious emails directly from users’ inboxes, and send alerts to users impacted by an incident. In addition, discovery and threat functionality help identify anomalies in delivered email, giving customers and channel partners proactive ways to detect email threats.”

“Today when security teams learn about email-borne attacks, for most companies, security incident response is a time-consuming, manual process that can take hours or days to identify and remediate, which can often lead to further spread of an attack,” said Asaf Cidon, vice president of Content Security, Barracuda. “Forensics and Incident Response addresses these problems by arming businesses with the tools and information they need to handle incidents in a faster and more proactive way that can take minutes instead of hours or days.”

Wilbur-Ellis, a leading global agribusiness company, deployed Forensics and Incident Response to strengthen email security – and its IT team is already seeing the benefits. Before introducing the solution, the IT team at Wilbur-Ellis relied on users to report email attacks that may have slipped past email security. Each day users reported a few attacks, most of which relied on social engineering tactics, and for every one of those attacks the team had to search through tens of thousands of emails to see if any of their 4,000 other users had gotten the same message.

“Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response allows us to find the emails that slip through the filters and remove them as needed,” said Rick Cahoon, Director of Enterprise Security and Support at Wilbur-Ellis. “Knowing who got the bad email in our enterprise is now all in the same tool. When a suspicious email is reported, we can begin to and sometimes completely remediate the environment quickly. We can identify which users received the email, which users clicked on any bad links, and block future emails from the bad account – all in the same interface. Barracuda Forensics is a big win for our IT and security teams.”

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