Enterprise success requires IT resilience, says Zerto

While most enterprises are prioritising digital transformation, it is important that they prepare for disruption and downtime to provide the best customer experience possible

Jim Ortbals
By Jim Ortbals on 11 December 2019
Enterprise success requires IT resilience, says Zerto

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At a time when a cloud-first approach is an increasingly popular digital transformation strategy, channel partners are ideally placed to deliver on the streamlined cloud migration strategies of their customers. With the cloud’s ‘as-a-service’ foundation offering, and the prospect of better margins for channel partners, strong vendor­channel relationships should be a win-win.

As customers race down the road to cloud migration and entrust some (or all) of their strategy to their channel partners, they have a responsibility to ensure that resilience is in place. Throughout any migration process, customers need to be protected from the risks of downtime, and that kind of resilience is about being prepared for any type of disruption – planned or unplanned. It aims to eliminate the risk of downtime so customer experiences are seamless, and the focus can remain on projects that drive transformation.

Organisations that lack resilience are in danger of suffering from technology-related business disruption. Whether that’s due to a failure, security breach or something else, it is extremely common.

It’s perhaps not surprising then that dealing with these issues is a priority for businesses, and there is a big opportunity for channel partners to help their customers become much more resilient. Recent research by Zerto and IDC in a study called Worldwide Business Resilience Readiness Thought Leadership Survey revealed that data protection modernisation is the top IT initiative for respondents over the next 12 months. In terms of future adoption, cloud-based data protection solutions come in as a close second. 

Given that situation, what’s the best approach to deliver resilience to the high standards we clearly all need? In our increasingly cloud-led era, a good solution should have three main components: multi-cloud agility, workload mobility and continuous availability. Working simultaneously, these elements will enable organisations to tolerate disruption and reduce downtime.

Combining these with analytics, control and a unified platform for new technologies will certainly drive greater innovation and business efficiency. By becoming completely IT resilient, organisations can approach their digital transformation journey with much more confidence and peace of mind. 

Jim Ortbals is the vice president of global channels and cloud sales at Zerto  

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