Exelon turns to Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 21 September 2016
Exelon turns to Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud

US energy provider Exelon is to use Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud to help drive the company’s digital workplace transformation.

Exelon is aiming to enhance the productivity and collaboration levels of its workforce, while also saving time, resources and infrastructure cost, through its digital transformation.

In a highly-regulated industry such as utilities, companies such as Exelon must prioritise data security and privacy when they look to make the move to the cloud.

Customer Lockbox for Office 365 has been highlighted as a key driver behind the company’s decision to adopt cloud productivity services, as it provides Exelon with the confidence necessary to progress with its cloud journey.

Office 365 will allow Exelon’s employees to collaborate and be productive using any device at any location throughout the US.

Furthermore, with Customer Lockbox, Exelon’s entire 45,000-strong workforce will have control over their data in Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. If a Microsoft engineer needs to access data to sort a problem, Exelon is in a position to finalise the approval process.

“We wanted to avoid expensive and time-consuming upgrades, but cloud computing remained out of reach until we could demonstrate control over who accesses our data,” said Jay Cavalcanto, vice president of cloud and infrastructure engineering at Exelon. “

We were reassured by the level of transparency we get with Microsoft cloud services, exemplified by Customer Lockbox, which gives us explicit authorisation into who accesses our content during service operations.”

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