GameStop adopts retail portal based on Microsoft Office 365

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 16 July 2014
GameStop adopts retail portal based on Microsoft Office 365

GameStop, a US video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer, has adopted a retail portal running on Microsoft Office 365 which facilitates communication between employees at more than 6,000 locations worldwide.

The company’s employees use the portal to share daily updates across more than 6,000 retail stores, with deskless store associates receiving information through graphics and videos via GameStop’s point of sale terminals.

“As VP of Store Operations, I face the challenge of maintaining consistency across all our locations, from the products on the shelves to the look of the stores,” said Jason Cochran, vice president of Store Operations at GameStop. “That includes customer service — I need to make sure that all our store associates not only know everything that they should about our products and promotions but also that they feel like part of the larger GameStop team.

“That used to be tough. We had to send store managers lengthy emails that were chock-full of information and ask them to disseminate it among store associates, who don’t sit at desks with computers like so many other workers do. Because our sales associates had no direct access to company e-mail, they had no way of knowing if they’d heard the latest and greatest information, which affected their confidence in the accuracy of the knowledge that they shared with customers.”

Staff can now access information on an at-a-glance basis, rather than waiting for information to be shared by management, and stay in-the-know.

GameStop is also transforming its employee training and has introduced ‘gamified’ training modules into the portal to appeal to staff, many of whom are gamers themselves.

“Although the portal was the initial catalyst for adopting Microsoft cloud-based technologies, bringing our store associates into the company’s online environment presents all sorts of other opportunities, such as sharing best practices and game reviews among stores via Yammer social networking,” added Cochran. “We now have tools at our fingertips that make it easy to come up with and deploy innovative ways to make our customers’ store experiences faster, more informative, and more fun.”

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