Harnessing the power of document automation

Document automation has enabled Fraser Yachts, the leading provider of yachting services worldwide, to significantly reduce resources spent on document generation

Alex Smith
By Alex Smith on 03 December 2021
Harnessing the power of document automation

Fraser Yachts can now send out high-quality specifications for an individual yacht in a matter of seconds

To meet the expectations of the demanding yachting segment, Fraser Yachts wanted to produce high-quality, personalised documents that would add value for its customers. However, when moving to the Dynamics 365 platform, it realised that intuitively designing and generating complex documents with multiple data sources and content types is not easy with standard tools.

On the one hand, Fraser Yachts wanted to have the capability of bringing complexity into its documents. Different data sources, like Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, had to be combined in one document. Also, various content types like high-resolution images as well as tables with technical specifications of yachts had to be integrated.

On the other hand, document generation for the user and the maintenance in the background was expected to be easy and intuitive. As Fraser Yachts does not have a large workforce of developers, it wanted business users to be able to design and edit documents themselves.

“We know that many companies face these challenges, so we are focusing on an intuitive and flexible, yet powerful way of automating documents,” says Johannes Linder, lead technical evangelist at dox42. “When Fraser Yachts first approached us, we were confident that we could fulfil all their requirements.”

Fraser Yachts integrated the dox42 Dynamics CE | CRM module, which allows it to generate documents with a button or drop-down menu right from its Dynamics interface. The integration is completely seamless, so that the user is not aware that dox42 is used in the background. It is now producing and sending out high-quality specifications for an individual yacht or brochures with a customised selection of yachts in a matter of seconds. The document templates are designed and edited in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which gives Fraser Yachts full flexibility to edit its templates at any time without programming.

Through the full integration into Power Automate, Power Apps, SharePoint and other systems on the Microsoft and Dynamics platform and beyond, Fraser Yachts has been able to automate any process involving document generation. With this solution, Fraser Yachts now delivers high-quality documents to its customers, while at the same time saving valuable internal resources with a quick ROI for dox42.

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