Health IT provider Cerner enhances collaboration with Office 365

Elizabeth Robinson
By Elizabeth Robinson on 13 September 2017
Health IT provider Cerner enhances collaboration with Office 365

Cerner, an innovation-driven supplier of health technology solutions, services, devices, and hardware, is enhancing its collaboration efforts with Microsoft.

“When we put together our 2020 vision to respond to the changes we were seeing in the industry and our workplace, we chose Microsoft Office 365 to help drive the ‘Borderless Mobility’ component of that vision,” said Bill Graff, CIO at Cerner Corporation.

Development teams at Cerner are now using the chat capability provided by Microsoft Teams to facilitate collaboration.

To further enhance the collaborative experience of its staff, Cerner is also actively migrating its intranet to SharePoint Online. This means that associates from a variety of locations can confidently work with the latest versions of their documents, and can access them anywhere, on any device.

Cerner’s partnership with Microsoft also sees a strong emphasis on security. “Digital security is paramount for Cerner as we are responsible for ensuring the protection of our clients’ data,” added Graff. “Microsoft indicated its willingness to accommodate our business needs, including our uncompromising security posture, by signing a Business Associate Agreement. Today, we have 28,000 seats of Advanced Threat Protection to help protect our associates from malware, and we are deploying Windows 10 across the enterprise, with its built-in security features that are continuously updated. This saves Cerner time and resources that we once spent on patching and maintenance.”

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