Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital adopts new intelligent system powered by Microsoft

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 25 April 2014
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital adopts new intelligent system powered by Microsoft

Staff at the Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Valencia, California, are capitalising on a new intelligent system powered by Microsoft technology which is enabling them to spend more time interacting with patients.

Thanks to the possibilities of the ‘internet of things’, the new intelligent system vastly speeds up access to patient data. The system connects 175 new thin clients – essentially terminal devices that draw on centralised computing power – as well as physicians’ own devices to existing data centres and systems. This means staff can access data, such as patient records, test results and prescription information anywhere and at anytime.

“Access to patient information was a priority,” said Adnan Hamid, director of Information Services at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. “We can build a great system, but if we can’t provide an easy path to data, then we’re facing a barrier for adoption.”

Developed by HealthCast Solutions, Henry Mayo adopted an intelligent single sign-on system to simplify the data-access process. The new system provides doctors with safe and secure access to lab tests, prescriptions and patient records via installed terminals or their own personal device.

These terminals run Microsoft Windows Embedded, with back-end infrastructure powered by Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Active Directory Domain Services.

Staff simply log in at the start of their shift and then use their personal ID badge to access the system through thin client devices located across the hospital. Staff can re-access critical information simply by using their badge to log in within six seconds.

The new intelligent system negates the need for staff to memorise various passwords and log in credentials. These were required with the previous system, and log in times are now dramatically shorter, helping improve efficiency.

Henry Mayo’s IT staff have noted a 70% decrease in the number of password-related helpdesk calls, as hospital staff now only need to enter one password at the beginning of their shift.

The system also includes barcode scanner for patient wristbands and medication labels. Future apps and devices will also be easy to add the new system.

“The single sign-on solution from HealthCast and Microsoft has really set the stage for user adoption of our electronic medical records system,” said Hamid. “By providing clinicians with a system that’s secure and accessible, we have deployed a workflow solution that enables clinicians to take better care of patients.”

Thanks to the new bring-your-own-device strategy and the 175 new thin clients and connecting them with existing information systems, the hospital has created the internet of Henry Mayo’s things and transformed the efficiency and effectiveness of its patient care. 

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