Henson Group is taking its customers to new heights in the cloud

Greg Henson talks about the firm’s close ties with Microsoft and why customers are increasingly choosing Azure over alternative cloud platforms

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 23 August 2019
Henson Group is taking its customers to new heights in the cloud

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Henson Group is an award-winning Gold Certified Partner and Azure Expert MSP that works on the deployment of Microsoft technologies in US-based and international organisations. For over 15 years, Microsoft itself has recommended the company for licensing, consulting and managed services to corporations of all sizes. 

One of the firm’s major offerings is the migration to Microsoft Azure. 

“Most customers switch to Azure because it offers more sophisticated platform-as-a-service options than other cloud platforms,” said Greg Henson, president and CEO of Henson Group. 

Customers of Henson Group can use its migration service at FreeAzureMigration.com to move from on-premises, colocation or other cloud providers to Azure for free. And customers are keen to take the firm up on this offer, with an annual average of around 90 organisations moving to Microsoft Azure through Henson Group. 

“Customers want to move to Azure for many reasons,” Henson says. “For example, while competitors bill clients 24/7, Azure Data Warehouse allows users to pause or reduce the service when it isn’t needed. This can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings each year.”

“Another benefit for the transition is the top to bottom integration across the entire Microsoft Cloud stack; Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365,” he adds. “Using a single integrated identity in Azure Active Directory there is no need for third party add-ons. As a result, in Azure your data is truly yours.” 

With Microsoft accreditation and constantly being nominated for industry awards, it is understandable why customers trust Henson Group. “We have the experience, knowledge and tools to migrate our customers securely and in half the time of our competitors,” Henson explains. “Plus, we do it for free.”

But Henson’s role doesn’t stop there. 

“After the migration, we offer free managed service provider services for administration, patching, reboots, etc.,” Henson says. “All customers are also assigned a customer success manager (CSM) that monitors, optimises and works with our clients to give them a comprehensive understanding of their consumption and costs.” 

“Our CSMs help clients understand their business, business workflows and business objectives,” Henson explains. “We use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make architectural, design and workload recommendations for the client’s environment, in its current-state and desired future-state, based on their profile and performance.v

“On average our clients reduce their cloud costs by around 24% as a result, while seeing a boost in performance.” 

Henson Group is an organisation that lives and breathes Microsoft. Beyond its partner status, a huge number of its employees are former Microsoft staff.

“We believe this gives us an edge in our industry,” Henson says. “Our employees that have come from Microsoft often share the customer-centric approach that the Henson Group was built on. They are truly engaged and always put the customer first.

“Be it the culture of inclusivity or their deep passion for creating amazing customer experiences, our former Microsoft employees have impacted the team in innumerable ways and continue to raise the bar for partners the world over.” 

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