Hybrid cloud platform adoption to grow over next three years

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 04 December 2014
Hybrid cloud platform adoption to grow over next three years

Companies of all sizes predict that more than 50% of their applications and services will be deployed on hybrid cloud infrastructures within an average of three years, according to a global Avanade study.

Avanade’s Global Study: Hybrid Cloud – From Hype to Reality pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy by 2015 study, which surveyed 1,000 global C-level executives, business unit leaders and IT decision-makers in 21 countries, indicated that companies around the world expect hybrid cloud solutions to give them an edge over competitors in the field. They also expect such platforms to offer them the ability to integrate private and public clouds, place workloads in the cloud type of best fit, share workload on multiple public clouds and scale up or down as needed.

According to the study, companies are investing in hybrid cloud solutions at a faster rate than private or public cloud, with 69% of respondents indicating that implementing a hybrid cloud strategy would be a key priority in 2015.

In addition, around 60% conceded that public cloud solutions are more secure than they were three years ago, while 74% agreed that hybrid cloud platforms would enable them to focus on core issues that are critical to business growth.

C-level executives are also now 32% more likely than IT leaders to advocate migrating critical applications – including data and analytics, e-commerce applications and customer-facing services – to hybrid cloud environments.

“Hybrid cloud gives companies the speed and flexibility they need to transform into digital businesses and enables them to focus on driving growth and outperforming their competitors,” said Mick Slattery, Avanade’s president of Hybrid Cloud. “Budgets and control may be shifting away from IT, but hybrid cloud solutions represent an opportunity for IT to align itself with C-suite priorities, delivering strategic value to the business in a secure and properly governed manner.”

However, while business across the world identified hybrid cloud adoption as a priority, the study revealed that many still do not have a good understanding of the hybrid cloud, what is required to prepare an organisation for hybrid cloud implementation or the benefits it can bring.

The research indicated that 58% of companies do not currently have a strategy to implement hybrid cloud solutions as an integrated part of their corporate IT infrastructure. Meanwhile, just over half remain concerned by the security and privacy issues of the cloud.

In addition, just 16% of respondents are able to identify the full range of benefits afforded by hybrid solutions, while 71% of respondents simply use the infrastructure to run existing services, rather than developing cloud-native apps that increase efficiency.

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