Indonesian developer launches new instant messaging service using Windows Azure

Sangkuriang Internasional describes Azure as "easiest cloud platform to work with"

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 28 January 2014
Indonesian developer launches new instant messaging service using Windows Azure

Indonesian software-development company Sangkuriang Internasional has launched its secure instant messaging service Encrypted Messaging and Secured Services (EMASS) with the help of the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform.

Developed in 2012, EMASS enables financial institutions and their customers to make secure payments via mobile phones and is comprised of more than 15 cloud apps running on 30 virtual machines on Windows Azure.

“We wanted a partner to host EMASS for us, but their service had to be reliable, easy to work with, affordable and, for financial institutions to trust us, it also had to be fully secure,” said director of Sangkuriang, Oka Sugandi. “We chose Azure because all things being equal and it is the easiest cloud platform to work with.”

Windows Azure supports the various open source technologies used to build the EMASS solution and also reduced IT costs during the development and launch stages.

“If we had deployed EMASS on our own servers, we would have had to invest thousands of dollars in new hardware, and keep paying for power, cooling and IT support,” said Sugandi. “Azure saved us these capital and operational expenses, in return for a predictable and transparent monthly charge. In addition, Azure eliminates the need for us to manage a rack of servers, the network, security and patching. If we had hosted it ourselves, we would need at least five system administrators; with Windows Azure we only need one.”

To build the back-end services for each mobile application, the company relied on the Push Service within Windows Azure Mobile Services. This enabled the applications to be developed and deployed easily.

“Our goal is to become the biggest IT solution integrator in Indonesia by 2020,” Sugandi said. “By using Azure, we save on the infrastructure and management costs of deploying the software ourselves, which is a huge strategic win.”

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