Intel launches Data Protection Technology for Transactions solution

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 20 October 2014
Intel launches Data Protection Technology for Transactions solution

Intel has introduced a new solution to provide end-to-end encryption of consumer and financial data that is built into point of sale (POS) platforms.

Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions combines hardware such as Intel Core and select Intel Atom processors with software optimised for retailers. This helps deliver a higher level of security from the beginning of a transaction until data is stored on a bank server.

The new release adds an extra layer of software to protect the payment process, complementing existing retail investments in EMV credit card authorisation, tokenisation and other data protection.

The software runs on the Intel chipset, helping to close the gaps between data transmitted between point of sale devices and the data centre.

“This solution introduces a significant improvement in today’s retail transaction data protection without costly hardware upgrades, and provides retailers a path for adopting new internet of things technologies,” said Michelle Tinsley, director of Mobility Retail and Payments, Intel. “It also sets the stage to expand to other industries such as financial services, healthcare or even government agencies.”

Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions creates a secure pathway between the transaction endpoint, POS system and server networks, helping to carry consumer information in a secure environment.

Transaction payment authorisation can be requested through a secure pipeline, helping to mitigate risks and providing a common security management capability for retailers.

The solution supports all modern forms of credit and debit payment, including EMV, magnetic stripe and near field communication transaction readers.

The new solution was developed in collaboration with NCR, and will initially be available on Intel Core second- and third-generation processors, as well as succeeding Intel Core processor generations.

“Consumers and retailers need solutions that help narrow the risk of information making its way into the wrong hands,” said Chris Lybeer, vice president of Strategic Development at NCR. “NCR and Intel recognised the need to add a new level of security into transactional systems. With Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions, in conjunction with NCR DataGuard, all important data from consumer information to payments to confidential business information are shielded from possible misuse.”

“It’s never been more important, or more difficult, for retailers to manage and protect data across the payment ecosystem,” said Karen Webster, CEO, Market Platform Dynamics. “Intel’s Data Protection Technology for Transactions security architecture does the obvious thing – it separates transaction processing from the POS – making that data less accessible and therefore more likely to be out of the reach of hackers. That can only help give both retailers and consumers more confidence that their POS experience is secure.”

Intel's Brad Corrion spoke to Sean Dudley about the adoption challenges that retailers face and how they should be protecting their data. See the full interview here.

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