Invensys releases radar measurement devices for liquids

New Foxboro Eckardt LevelWave Series provides manufacturers with wider capabilities for level measurement

Invensys releases radar measurement devices for liquids

Invensys has released a new solution series for measuring liquids, including corrosive, sticky or difficult media.

The Foxboro Eckardt LevelWave Radar Series is suitable for blending, distillation tanks, process tanks and separators, solid silos and storage tanks for most liquids, pastes, foam and corrosive media.

Each radar measurement device has 360-degree rotation, which allows for side or top mounting as standard. There is also an option for full digital remote electronics up to a distance of 100 metres.

“With its unique, modular design, the LevelWave Radar Series measurement solution guarantees easy and fast field installation, and each device will consistently provide accurate and stable measurement performance across a wide range of installations and applications,” said Roger Ingemey, general manager of Invensys Foxboro Eckardt.

According to Ingemey, this means process operators and installers can move onto the next job more quickly and makes ongoing maintenance much simpler.

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