Israeli government uses Azure to improve services for citizens

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 22 March 2016
Israeli government uses  Azure to improve services for citizens

The Israeli government is capitalising on the power of the Microsoft Azure by hosting an increasing of number of workloads on the cloud platform.

Government officials are now benefiting from the flexible solution that enables them to keep sensitive data on-premises.

As well as being able to offer solutions for citizens that automatically scale up to meet user demand, the government is also saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware and maintenance costs.

The government has seen a growth in demand from the Israeli population to watch the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, in recent times. To meet this, the government has started to stream the meetings both live and on-demand using Azure Media Services, a cloud-based video streaming service.

Thanks to the move to Azure, the Knesset has reduced costs in areas such as hardware and maintenance, while still providing a service to citizen that scales up and down in accordance with the demand. Citizens are also able to view meetings on a range of devices, including Android, iPhone and Windows platforms.

The Israel Railways Company has also improved its online journey planning service by moving its database to Azure. This has helped the organisation save money, and now has a highly available and scalable service that citizens gain rely on to deliver the best information for their needs.

There are now plans in place at the Israel Railways Company to move other parts of its website to Azure, while the Israeli government is also looking to add 18 more channels that broadcast committee meetings to citizens. The research arm of Knesset is also looking into using Azure Machine Learning to help predict the impact of proposed legislation.

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