JDA Software adopts a new brand identity and a fresh approach

Equipped with a new brand identity, JDA Software’s mission is to provide innovative software solutions that help its supply chain customers succeed. We spoke with the firm’s chief marketing officer, Kevin Iaquinto, to find out more

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
By Rebecca Lambert on 05 February 2015
JDA Software adopts a new brand identity and a fresh approach

This article was first published in the Winter 2014 issue of OnWindows

The recently unveiled new brand identity from supply chain solutions specialist JDA Software features an important tagline for the company – ‘Plan to deliver’. According to the company’s chief marketing officer Kevin ­Iaquinto, this new mission statement clearly articulates JDA’s commitment to delivering complete, end-to-end solutions that encompass everything from planning to delivery for retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

Tell us a little about JDA Software and how the company has evolved in recent years?
An incredible amount of change has happened at JDA over the past few years as a result of our product innovations and acquisitions that people often don’t hear about. While customers may know that we acquired i2 and merged with RedPrairie in recent years, many don’t know that this has created a company with over 4,800 associates with over 10,000 collective years of experience in retail and supply chain. Or that JDA has been filing an average of one patent per month for the past 36 months and now has over 400 patents granted or pending.

What is the essence of the new JDA brand identity?
The essence of our brand is embodied in our new tagline – ‘Plan to deliver’. It reflects how our game-changing portfolio of end-to-end solutions helps our retail, manufacturing and distributor customers to deliver more to their own customers. It also embodies our commitment to our customers that we will always deliver on our promise of superior software, services and deployment options.

How does this translate into practice?
Our new visual identity represents a fresh, modern, approachable JDA, with a laser-focus on ensuring customer success throughout the organisation, and an accelerating pace of innovation. The new corporate identity also includes the new infusion of talent into JDA, including our new CEO, Bal Dial. JDA has more talent and experience than anyone else in the industry, which translates into superior solutions and services.

What other changes are you making to better serve customers?
We have reorganised the company with the specific purpose of better serving our customers’ needs, whether that is developing agile and innovative technology, the industry’s first and only end-to-end cloud deployed planning to delivery solutions, expert consulting, or customer-driven support and services. We know that in this increasingly volatile, rapidly changing world, our customers cannot successfully compete unless we deliver innovative products and services on a rapid-fire basis.

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