Metafile webinar: accounts payable success in 2021

8 December 2020; virtual event

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 03 December 2020
Metafile webinar: accounts payable success in 2021

Software company Metafile Information Systems will hold a webinar on 8 December to discuss accounts payable (AP) automation success in 2021. The event will share insights into the current state of AP and how automation can impact today’s remote workforces. 

“AP automation has never been more relevant and necessary than it is right now,” says Metafile. “Covid-19 showed us the peril of relying on paper and manual-based processes for the delivery, approval and payment of invoices. Far too many companies were left scrambling to adjust and adapt to a remote work environment they were ill prepared for. The benefit of AP automation on an organisation’s profitability and productivity, not to mention business continuity, has never been more apparent or needed than it is today.”

Attendees will hear from Bob Cohen, vice president of research at Ardent Partners, as he shares the findings of the company’s State of ePayables market research survey, and Metafile’s automation expert Doug Bertram, who will discuss the real-life application of automation on today’s remote workforce. 

The webinar will cover the state of AP in 2020, the impact of remote work on organisations, how some companies were able to thrive in a difficult environment, key performance benchmarks and best practices. 

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