Microsoft acquires R language specialists Revolution Analytics

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 07 April 2015
Microsoft acquires R language specialists Revolution Analytics

Microsoft has completed the acquisition of Revolution Analytics – a leading commercial provider of software and services for R.

R is the most widely used programming language for statistical computing and predictive analytics on the planet.

Initially unveiled in January this year, the acquisition will see the two companies work together to maximise the possibilities of R’s use for advanced analytics on big data.

Revolution has worked to make R enterprise-ready, with the speed and scalability required for the largest data warehouses and Hadoop systems.

“Moving forward, we will build R and Revolution’s technology into our data platform products so companies, developers and data scientists can use it across on-premises, hybrid cloud and Azure public cloud environments,” said Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president, Machine Learning, Microsoft. “For example, we will build R into SQL Server to provide enormously fast and scalable in-database analytics that can be deployed in an enterprise customer’s data centre, on Azure, or in a hybrid combination.”

Revolution scalable R distribution will be integrated into Azure HDInsight and Azure Machine Learning. This will make it easier and quicker for users to analyse big data and operationalise R code for production applications.

Microsoft will continue to support the running of Revolution R Enterprise across heterogenous platforms such as Linux, Teradata and Hadoop.

“We are excited to foster the open source evolution of R fueled by its active, passionate community,” added Sirosh. “We are excited to support and amplify Revolution’s open source projects, such as the fast Revolution R Open distribution, the ParallelR collection of packages for distributed programming, Rhadoop for running R on Hadoop nodes, DeployR for deploying R analytics in web and dashboard applications, the Reproducible R Toolkit and RevoPemaR for writing parallel external memory algorithms. We will continue to support and evolve these and the commercial distributions of Revolution R across multiple operating systems.”

Microsoft will also support Revolution’s efforts to help educate developers and data scientists that want to learn R using its global programmes and partner ecosystem. 

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