Microsoft among speakers at Crayon Group‘s annual Alliance seminar

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 11 October 2019
Microsoft among speakers at Crayon Group‘s annual Alliance seminar

Representatives from Microsoft will feature among speakers at Crayon Group’s 2019 Alliance seminar in Norway, which takes place on 17 October at the Vulkan Arena in Oslo.

The IT event will explore data centre transformation, cloud security and emerging technologies. Microsoft will play a key role in the proceedings, with speakers discussing the firm’s new data centre regions and their impact.

Speakers from Microsoft include partner lead Ole Roterud, datacenter and cloud director Bjørnar Engebretsen and public lead director Lena Lundgreen.

“Microsoft’s new data centre regions in Norway will help enterprises focus on their core business instead of whether their data is securely stored and with the right legislature,” said Geir Øivind Gulliksen, CEO of Crayon Norway. “These regions remove those concerns because the data will be stored locally and safely in the cloud.”

Cloud experts from Microsoft, cloud service provider Funn and Crayon will take part in one of the event’s sessions, looking into the myths, misapprehensions and challenges associated with migrating to the cloud.

Attendees can also learn more about artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things as the event explores the top trends for 2020 and best practice implementation for enterprises.

“It is interesting to watch how Microsoft, which has long invested in global partners such as Crayon, is now investing with its local partners in the cloud,” said Rune Syversen, co-founder of Crayon, who Microsoft named as their 2019 Partner of the Year for AI and Machine Learning. “We view this as a positive and as the push for digitalisation continues to accelerate, we are able to use our expertise in Azure to better guide local partners as well as our clients on best practices that we have honed through our years of experience.”

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