Microsoft enters into new partnership with the PGA TOUR

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 03 November 2015
Microsoft enters into new partnership with the PGA TOUR

Microsoft and the PGA TOUR have entered a new a three-year relationship with a focus on technology and media integration.

The PGA TOUR will adopt Windows 10, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office over the coming months to help improve its data analysis capabilities. This technology will mine the PGA TOUR’s vast video library and statistical database and help to provide fans, players and members of the media with new ways of accessing insight.

“The PGA TOUR is thrilled to enter into this relationship with Microsoft which, at its core, is designed to produce deeper, richer and more immersive content for our fans to consume across all of our platforms,” said Tom Wade, the PGA TOUR’s chief commercial officer. “We also look forward to working with such an iconic global company as it activates broadly across PGA TOUR golf to further grow its business.”

Microsoft will create a selection of innovative solutions designed specifically to analyse information and provide fans of the PGA TOUR with instant access to insight about players, courses and conditions. 

“Through its collaboration with CDW on ShotLink, the PGA TOUR has been on the cutting edge of technology innovation and real-time insights around historical information, drives, putts and course conditions for golf fans everywhere,” said Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We believe the TOUR’s commitment to our Windows 10 platform and Microsoft Cloud offerings will enable fans and broadcasters to access ShotLink and other PGA TOUR content in ways that have not been previously possible, across all digital devices.”

Microsoft is now developing relevant apps for use across its device and platform portfolio, including Windows 10, Surface and Lumia phones. Microsoft will also use the 80,000-plus hours of PGA TOUR library footage to deliver content to fans and media in new and engaging ways.

Furthermore, the PGA TOUR will be adding a number of Microsoft products to its backend business operations. This will include Windows 10, Office 365 and Media Pilot and Cloud Services.

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