Microsoft officially launches Dynamics 365 at CRMUG Summit

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 12 October 2016
Microsoft officially launches Dynamics 365 at CRMUG Summit

Microsoft has celebrated the launch of Dynamics 365 – a new cloud service with purpose-built apps that enable users to address specific business needs – at the CRMUG Summit event in Tampa, Florida.

Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning, Dynamics 365 has been designed to help Microsoft ‘usher in a new era of business agility’.

“Across Microsoft we’ve invested billions, over multiple decades, into cutting-edge artificial intelligence research to help every person and organisation achieve more,” said Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president, Microsoft cloud and enterprise, in a blog post on the launch. “Office 365, Bing Predicts and Skype Translator are just a few examples of how we have put these investments to work for our customers. We are also bringing those investments to you through Dynamics 365.”

The new service has been designed to help companies across a range of areas, such as manufacturing and supply chain execution, field service operations efficiency, and the enablement of more effective sales and customer experiences.

A number of intelligence capabilities are built into the Dynamics 365 apps. These include sentiment and intent analysis, preemptive service, relationship insights, lead and opportunity scoring and product recommendations.

Independent Dynamics 365 apps can also be harnessed to provide targeted and domain-specific intelligence. One such app, revealed by Microsoft to coincide with the official launch, is Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights. This analytics apps analyses data from Microsoft and other customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, web, social and internet of things sources. Intelligence is then applied to give users a 360-degree customer view, and offers automatic suggestions to help improve customer engagement.

Dynamics 365 uses a new data model that allows users to extend functionality and build custom apps. This can be done using PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, or professional developer solutions from Microsoft.

Solutions from Microsoft’s common data model also use this common data. This makes it easier for users to extend their Dynamics 365 capabilities with industry and function specific apps available in AppSource.

“With so much attention on artificial intelligence and the promise it holds, it can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s not,” Numoto said. “When it comes to business process – and your business – Dynamics 365 delivers the intelligence you need to transform, now, backed by decades of research and investment.” 

Dynamics 365 will be available in more than 135 markets and 40 languages from 1 November.

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