Microsoft showcases law enforcement solutions at IACP conference

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 18 October 2016
Microsoft showcases law enforcement solutions at IACP conference

Microsoft and a number of partners have showcased a series of solutions making a critical difference in the law enforcement space at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference and exposition in San Diego, US.

Currently, almost six million users across all 50 US states and federal government agencies use Microsoft Cloud for Government. Microsoft is also upping its commitment to compliance, and has committed to the applicable Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) controls and has signed CJIS agreements in 23 states.

“Government and law enforcement agencies across the US are turning to Azure Government for the end-to-end cloud solution they can trust, for the security and compliance they require,” said Michael Donlan, vice president, US state and local government for Microsoft. “Our cloud powers real-time, intelligence-led, first-response capabilities that enable law enforcement to do more, and achieve more, for the citizens they serve – today and into the future.”

Among the latest offerings on show at the IACP conference was Stratocast from Genetec, which uses Azure to provide real-time video streaming, cataloguing and storage as part of its cloud-based video surveillance-as-a-service offering.

The Detroit Police Department (DPD) is using Stratocast as part of its Project Green Light initiative, which aims to reduce violent crime in the city. A number of local businesses have been equipped with Genetec’s high-resolution indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. The feeds from these are managed by Stratocast and sent to DPD headquarters, before being stored using Azure.

The technology means that when an emergency call is received, evidence can be gathered and vital information, such as suspect descriptions, can be easily sent to officers who are heading to or already on the scene. The initiative has already seen a 50% reduction in violent crime at the various businesses at which the system has been installed.

Another example is PredPol – a predictive policing solution that uses a unique algorithm to predict places and times where crimes are most likely to occur. This is done based on criminal behaviour patterns, and historical factors such as type of crime, place of crime, and date and time of crime. Maps are generated for police officers, helping them identify where best to locate themselves to prevent crime taking place or nullifying threat.

The Mountain View Police Department in California has recently deployed the solution on the Azure Government cloud platform. “We chose PredPol and the Azure Government cloud platform because of PredPol’s proven results and Microsoft’s long track record supporting secure solutions for law enforcement,” said Max Bosel, chief of police of the Mountain View Police Department. “We are confident that meeting future policy requirements will be seamless.”

At IACP, Microsoft also unveiled an updated version of the Microsoft patrol car, which features industry partner solutions built on the intelligent first-response platform. Among the technologies featured is the Aeryon SkyRanger drone and AeryonLive – a web-based app that allows real-time video to be streamed from drone-mounted cameras. Also included is the Getac Veretos Mobile Video System, an in-car video recording system, and a small, lightweight but powerful robot from ReconRobotics which can be remotely controlled by officers to provide real-time information.

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