Microsoft Surface tablets used as vending machine POS

Microsoft Surface tablets used as vending machine POS

Fresh food vending machine company LeanBox is using Microsoft Surface tablets as its front-facing POS.

The vending machine dispenses healthy, fresh food items (many of which come from local startups), in under a minute.

“We looked at the three excuses for not eating healthy: [junk food] tastes good, [healthy/organic food is] pricey, and [healthy/organic food] is inconvenient,” co-founder Shea Coakley told Microsoft New England. “LeanBox takes care of all of those things. It’s like having an unattended grab-and-go market in your office. It’s basically a vending machine of the 21st Century.”

The US startup also uses Microsoft technology such as SQL Server, .NET and ASP.Net as for its backend systems, including inventory management.

For every US$10 spent in a vending machine, LeanBox is donating the equivalent of the meal to a local food bank.

Coakley explained: “all of the food that would otherwise be wasted is redirected to local food shelters and food kitchens. It’s a zero waste process.”

Find out more about the LeanBox's use of Surface tablets as its POS from the Microsoft New England blog post.


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