Monoprix implements TXTPlanning to support merchandise planning

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 18 February 2015
Monoprix implements TXTPlanning to support merchandise planning

French supermarket chain Monoprix has implemented the TXTPlanning solution to help support its merchandise and assortment planning across multiple channels on an international scale.

A retailer offering a wide range of food, fashion, beauty and leisure products, Monoprix has 500 stores in France and 85 outlets abroad. Serving 800,000 customers, the company operates stores in different formats, from small city centre locations to larger supermarkets.

TXTPlanning, TXT’s merchandise planning software that uses the Microsoft technology stack, will help company improve the accuracy of its merchandise and assortment planning.

“Retailing – and especially so in fashion – requires great agility,” said Guillaume Delestre, Planning and Optimisation director at Monoprix. “It is essential for IT systems and planning tools to support such a dynamic scenario.”

Monoprix recently implemented a mobile and online shopping solution and is aiming to move towards more multi-channel formats. TXT’s solution shows which products are destined for each channel, and supports simulation and analysis at all levels and dimensions.

Delestre added: “We have recorded benefits in terms of accelerated times in the definition of our collections and greater control of the overall process.”

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