New study finds consumers plan to adopt in-home internet of things devices

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 21 August 2014
New study finds consumers plan to adopt in-home internet of things devices

A new study conducted by Acquity Group has found that adoption of network connected technology is on the rise, with 69% of consumers planning to buy an in-home device in the next five years.

The 2014 State of the Internet of Things Study found that the percentage of consumers that will own an in-home internet of things (IoT) device is set to jump from 4% to 13% by the end of 2015.

The adoption of wearable IoT technology, such as smart watches and fitness devices, is also expected to increase, with almost half of those consumers surveyed already in ownership or planning to purchase a wearable device within the next five years.

While wearable devices, smart thermostats and connected security systems are set to see greater adoption in the coming years, the adoption of smart clothing and heads-up displays is also expected to grow but at a significantly slower rate. Only 3% of those surveyed considered adoption in the next year.

“These digital devices present major opportunities for improving a brand’s customer experience for a range of consumers,” said Jay Dettling, president of Acquity Group. “Our data reveals that it's not only tech enthusiasts who are interested in these kinds of products, but late adopters who also express interest in buying them.”

Younger consumers are most likely to adopt connected technologies down the line, while older consumers are more likely to already own certain products, according to the survey.

“The growth of these devices will have a major impact on customer experience innovation across industries,” added Dettling. “Adoption of IoT technologies can provide digital businesses high-quality brand engagement opportunities with customers and drive more revenues.”

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