New version of Skype for iPhone will be released within a week

New version of Skype for iPhone will be released within a week

Microsoft is to release a completely redesigned version of its Skype for iPhone app, customised especially for iOS in the next week.

The company said that this version is five times faster and a lot smoother and will include features never seen before in Skype.

It is focusing on providing the same Skype experience across any device or operating system.

One of the major pain points the company has addressed with this new release is the lack of compatibility across different devices, but now messages will show up as read (or unread, as applicable) on Skype 5.0 for iPhone.

iPhone users can also start group chats from the hub, see new Skype messages without leaving the current chat window and leave messages for people even when they are offline. There is also a new favourites tab.

“This is the biggest change ever to Skype for iPhone, and soon we will be delivering a new iPad version too,” said Eric Lin, product marketing manager at Skype in a blog post.

Microsoft has also started testing a refreshed user interface on a small portion of Windows desktop users and will role this out soon to some Skype for Mac users.

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