Newham Borough Council streamlines services with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 27 November 2014
Newham Borough Council streamlines services with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Newham Borough Council in London, UK, has leveraged the Microsoft technology stack to improve its response to non-emergency situations and streamline interactions with citizens.

Using Microsoft technology, Newham designed two apps that could make basic processes more efficient and cost-effective, allowing it to spend more money and time on tackling the high rate of unemployment and building an educated, skilled workforce.

Residents can now use the Love Newham mobile app to log non-emergency problems – such as vandalism or refuse collection issues – and the request is routed to a customer service centre using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The customer service centre then sends a request to the in-vehicle tablets of the appropriate field employees. Not only has this increased the speed with which the council can respond to and resolve problems, it has also helped to increase the productivity of its workforce.

“Anti-social behaviour has dropped, rubbish on streets has reduced and the tenants are starting to feel more secure in their homes – the technology has helped us to make a major step forward in terms of housing quality and the quality of life of the residents of Newham,” said Ian Dick, strategic manager for private housing and environmental health at Newham Borough Council.

Underpinned by a self-service portal integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the second app is called My Newham. It allows all citizens to manage their interactions with local government online, enabling them to register property, pay council tax, register to vote, update benefits, pay parking fines and tickets, find childcare services and more. These services can be accessed from home, or from one of the thousands of free wifi locations across Newham. The council has also installed wifi in all of its libraries and now around 50% of transactions are carried out online.

“The benefits of the new technology and the changes we’ve made is that we can focus on the things that really matter,” said Sir Robin Wales, mayor of Newham Borough Council. “We want to support people and help them build resilience and their own skills, which takes money, time and effort Wales. “We needed to find ways to do other things more efficiently, more cheaply, better and quicker. The application of technology ensures we can do what we really want for our local population and Microsoft is there helping us.”

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