Office 365 Video rolls out to business users worldwide

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
By Rebecca Lambert on 20 April 2015
Office 365 Video rolls out to business users worldwide

Microsoft is rolling out a video sharing feature to all Office 365 business customers, providing them with a new way to create, edit and share videos within their own organisations. The company has also released a separate app for iPhone users.

In essence, Office 365 Video is a private video portal that businesses can use to post, share and discover video content within a secure, company-wide environment.

According to Mark Kashman, senior product manager in the Office 365 team, video is a popular medium for effective, engaging internal communications – and its importance is growing. In a blog post he said that the “video experience – embedded within Office 365 – meets IT requirements and wins the hearts and minds of users.”

Since it first unveiled Office 365 Video last November, Microsoft has made a number of tweaks to the solution, including modernising the Office 365 Video portal pages so they are optimised for multiple devices and provide playback on all web browsers. “You’ll notice that the pages dynamically adjust to optimise player size, column width, menu and more,” said Kashman.

Microsoft has also introduced a new HTML-5 player so users can play videos on all mobile browsers.

In the near future, Microsoft has said that it will “enable users to select their own thumbnails; provide the ability to embed videos outside of the portal (on Sites’ pages, internal blog posts and in Yammer feeds); allow developers to use public video APIs; and make it easier to connect on-premises environments to Office 365 Video via SharePoint Server 2016 hybrid investments.”

Global rollout is expected to be completed within the next two months. Microsoft has added that Office 365 Video for Government plans is “coming soon.”

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