Producing forms and reports within hours instead of days

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 28 August 2015
Producing forms and reports within hours instead of days

According to PWC’s The challenges of implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX report, 75% of respondents faced ‘reporting issues due to poor data migration or not enough reporting focus early on in the project.’

Although many organisations choose to implement forms and reports after core project customisations have been implemented, this contrasts with the top benefits businesses expect when implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. These include increased response times and improved interaction with customers and suppliers, as well as within their own companies. 

With a specialist Document Output Management system, businesses can bridge the gap between their communication expectations and what can be achieved with standard ERP reporting tools. These systems can offer fast and simple report and form creation, allowing changes to be made easily, and empowering Information Systems departments.

Today, businesses understand that every customer touch-point is an opportunity for competitive differentiation. Communications need to be instantly recognisable. With a specialist Document Output Management system, information can be presented in a clear and logical manner, reflecting a company’s ability to deliver documents and information based on individual preference.

Document Output Management can extend workflows beyond your ERPs by tracking electronic delivery and e-signatures. Enhanced workflows with powerful logic allow you to build more efficient business processes that distribute slicing data and delivering information to multiple destinations with a single report.

Augmenting reports using information from third party systems is also essential for manufacturing and business service organisations. Such functionality allows you to maximise the return on investment from your ERP.

Failure to meet document storage regulations may result in financial penalties and damage the reputation of your business.

The workflows required for regulatory compliance and auditability must be automated and managed well, otherwise they can hinder business efficiency. Specialised Document Output Management will automate the storage, filing and retrieval of important documents, enhancing your business efficiency and meeting legal requirements.

Many organisations that have standardised on Microsoft Dynamics AX have been able to dramatically increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their document-based business processes through the use of Bottomline Technologies’ solutions with advanced capabilities for transactional document automation.   

Chris Hopper is marketing product manager for Document Automation and Process Management at Bottomline Technologies

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