Retail Realm launches new Retail Management Hero solution

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 21 July 2016
Retail Realm launches new Retail Management Hero solution

Retail Realm has released a new standalone inventory management and point of sale (POS) software solution.

Retail Management Hero (RMH) enables small and midsized store chains to manage their back office and POS activities across a number of retail verticals, such as convenience, grocery, apparel, sporting goods, wine and spirits, gift and specialty.

RMH is an addon for Microsoft Dynamics retail products, and the solution has been designed as a next generation replacement for the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System, which is nearing end of life.

The solution offers fully customisable, intuitive graphical user interfaces, with touch-screen optimisation. Repetitive tasks can be done automatically through a variety of wizards, while database changes can be made en masse.

A built-in receipt, label and report designer allows for customisation and consistent branding, while a sophisticated back office offers advanced purchase orders, advanced accounts receivables, advanced purchase limit, and advanced matrix item set-up.

Other features include card payment integration, customer omnichannel loyalty and promotion integrations, and eCommerce integration.

“Microsoft Dynamics partners and customers have been asking us for a long time how they can adopt a new POS solution without losing key retail management services (RMS) functionality or losing data when migrating to a new system,” said Afshin Alikhani, chairman of Retail Realm. “We designed RMH to give them everything they valued in RMS without installation headaches or complicated data migration so they could protect their investment. The RMH interface was completely rewritten for both the front office and back office as well as includes major improvements to purchase order processing, inventory control, and accounts receivable. The POS includes user-defined colour schemes, completely new technology that is portable across platforms, and also sophisticated software development kit for developers to customise the solution both in the front and back office.”

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