Reuters Events Digital Health: improving healthcare for all

16-17 June 2021; virtual event

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 19 February 2021
Reuters Events Digital Health: improving healthcare for all

Reuters Events will hold the virtual iteration of its Digital Health event on 16-17 June 2021. Attendees can join over 500 US leaders in innovation, telemedicine and informatics to learn how to build a digital health industry that improves access to healthcare and reduces costs. 
The event has been designed around five main themes: build a virtual care ecosystem; create health systems, not sickness systems; improve patient-centricity; develop value-based care; and create the future of precision medicine. 

Through these, participants can explore how to: improve clinical efficiency across care settings via virtual and remote care capabilities; use data to build predictive, preventative and personalised care models; leverage consumer technologies to empower patients to become decision-makers; and examine how evidence-based medicine plays an increasingly important role in research, prevention and treatment. 

Register for the event at or download Reuters Events’ latest report on innovation and collaboration in US healthcare

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