Satya Nadella highlights digital transformation in WPC 2016 keynote

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 11 July 2016
Satya Nadella highlights digital transformation in WPC 2016 keynote

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 has kicked off in Toronto with a keynote speech from Satya Nadella.

The Microsoft CEO opened by the stressing the role the company’s partners play in Microsoft's success, and how this ties into the Microsoft mission.

“Microsoft has always been a partner led company and will always be a partner led company,” he said. “We want to talk about the future, but it starts with our mission. Every project is grounded in our mission – to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more.”

Nadella said that when it comes to enabling the achievement of more, digital transformation is at the heart of this.

This idea was backed up by a video featuring a number of CEOs, including Dan Schulman of PayPal, Mark Weinberger of EY, Hubert Joly of Best Buy, and Mike Wells of Prudential, each of whom stressed the importance of digital transformation in their own business journeys. 

“When I think about all of this and the opportunity it presents, it’s unprecedented,” Nadella said. “The entire GDP is being shaped by digital technology. This represents a huge opportunity. There is an opportunity to tap into this revolution. And this opportunity drives our ambitions – reinventing productivity in business process, building the intelligent cloud, enabling our customers to achieve digital transformation.”

Nadella also stressed the importance of reinventing productivity in business processes.

“How can we transform how work is done? How can we digitise to remove impedances? What if we could bring together the customer applications with collaboration technology in a seamless way? We are on the threshold of being able to solve this,” Nadella said. “The progress we have made with Office 365 is tremendous. The move to the cloud is transformative. But perhaps the most salient point is the transformation around data. It’s fundamentally changing the value you can deliver. Products such as Power BI and Delve are all information products that are relevant for both big or small businesses.”

Microsoft chief’s storyteller Steve Clayton was also on stage to explain how Ecolab are focusing on saving water and helping their customers do the same with digital technology.

Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE, was also on stage stressing the importance of the company’s move to digital and how GE has adapted to harness the power of data and make its own digital transformation.

WPC 2016 runs from 10-14 July. Check Technology Record during the course of this week for more from the conference. 

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